Make a choice

We the people of the richest society in the world need to change. You would have to be completely ignorant to not see that we are living in a broken system. We need to escape this preoccupation that we are in, stop being so comfortable with the brokenness as long as you escape it, again you would have to be ignorant to think you can just scrape by and even if you some how do what kind of life is that? In this passage I am talking to the youth and those who were never accepted by the majority. The time is now to self educate you must teach yourself, & know yourself In order to gain support this is the only way you can give support. From the understanding you have given your self and with the support you have you should be able to show much love & good vibes.


Make your stand.

Life is passing by at all speeds, which do you see? Slow snail pace? Medium velocity? Are You in the fast lane speeding toward death to change things? No matter what speed your living life and alls you can do is live that life right. So no matter what do you become happy cuz in the only Ÿ.Ø.Ū. Matter