S/O to my fam from the 6ix. Writing this post right now to show some love to my Patna from the EAST-SIDE of  Atlanta and everything  she is doing right now. Only 23 and she is everything a young entrepreneur could want to be, inspiring others daily while chasing her dreams. Check out her clothing line today and join the wave.

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Welcome 2 America

Click the link below to watch the visual for the song Welcome 2 America by King RoD. Directed by Dre Lomack shot in Los Angeles, Ca this video was meant to be a show of effective mismanagement. something that had more holes than Swiss cheese but still had the same feeling  of the supple dairy product. This video sucks but the meaning is great if you can see it. So take a journey and look between the lines of a bullshit foundation, what do you see?

Watch Welcome 2 America

Thank you for taking the time to view this post, may the most love and greatest vibrations of life be with you!

Stay humble. Stay Y.O.U.

-King RoD

The IntRODuction

Take a listen to the introduction track from my debut EP The Life Of RoD. Give me some feed back on what you think what should my next Project sound like? comment music of your own if you would like an opinion.

Watch The Introduction by King RoD

Hope you enjoy and may the most love and greatest vibrations of life be with you. 🙂


Stay humble. Stay Y.O.U.

-King ROD


TThroug:30 AM New Years Morning

Place: Metro Blue Line 

The followingg is a true story. I King RoD was robbed while being more intoxicated than I should have been I was chosen by people who I care not to describe in words as to not be derogatory to any other groups to be robbed. I don’t know how to feel, I feel stupid for one but really I’m afraid. I am scared of what I will do the next time someone tries to physically steal from me or others around me. This experience has lefted me humble, sober, and inspired. To take a stand on the platform I am creating. I now know truly that all I do is bigger than me. My actions will affect and inspire many of you to find Your Own Understanding of yourself and of the life you live, and truly see the best way to be of service to the world and service yourself at the same time. Everyday I will self educate to facilitate support for doing what I feel to be happy through the industrindustries of Fashion, Film, and Music and I owe this new found mindset to the experience I just had I know truly know my purpose and it’s to spread much love and good vibes. Sorry there’s no picture for this post I have no photos): 

Stay Humble. Stay Y.O.U. 

King RoD




What Is Your Opinion?

When things happen in life, they either make us something or they make us feel nothing, opinions and points of view vary because of this. Some see green and some see red a very small few see gray but we are not talking about minorities today. We are talking about opposites; Two extremes hot or cold, fuck luke warm right now. Im saying all this to suggest to you that if any event or happening in life makes you feel something the universe is urging you to express your feelings because how you feel matters and the energy you are receiving is meant to be let out in order for you to fulfill your purpose in the world and help it grow toward more positivity, progression, and production in society. Everything Happens For A Reason and if you are reading these words know your were meant to and I wouldn’t tell you this if I didnt care, most of the time people dont do shit when they dont care, so if you are ever getting suggestions that seems like criticism know that tge person taking the time to try and guide you really cares about your future or else they wouldn’t be saying shit.

What do you think?

Let me know..

Stay Humble. Stay Y.O.U.


King RoD