Time To Do YOU

  No matter what happens DO YOU BE HAPPY. Focused on smiling, you are a star in human form, you were created by the most eternal, immortal, infinite, universal, you are benevolent beyond description. So the next time something negative happens remember where you really come from and hold it down. You are powerful beyond your imagination, you were created perfect for a purpose. You will accomplish your goal through love unconditionally, being a support that utilizes support for more strength united through self education. I always say everything happens for a reason and I believe the events that happened to me this afternoon were confirmation of that but they brought me to a very to an new epiphany in the saying the reason that everything happens is love either you feel it or you lack it. At the base of every decision is one of these two feelings

The Life Of RoD Ep


We live in a society where the youth are made to follow followers. We live in a place where the security of one is more prized than the security of some. We live in a world where are resources are poorly distributed and wasted. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that we live in a broken system. How else could you explain homeless college graduates & millionaire dropouts. I’m not looking for how we got here I’m looking to get us out. I’m looking forward to the day where housing and food are free for all who live because they are essential to survival for our human race. I’m looking forward to the day when we educate not for money but for enjoyment of every moment of life. If your comfortable with they way things are then what I’m about to say is not for you. If you are willing to let babies die aboard you are willing to let babies die domestically. If we choose to deny our human responsibility to one another we choose to commit slow suicide. If you do not see yourself and everything then you see yourself in nothing. We lived in a shared reality and it’s our duty to make that reality the best one we can. No longer will you follow the rules of a broken system, no longer will we work for wages that barley pay our expenses. No longer will 99 percent of the world live on 1 percent of its wealth. It’s starts with you and I, first we have to self educate ourselves to ourselves and how we fit In this universe. The knowledge we need is not in books but in experience of life, we as a human species are in unique position of being able to leave record of our experience for future generations in order to assist them to not have to deal with things we did. This passage is not for those who wish to just get by but those who wish to create a society of abundance.


Take your chance.

Time is money, you spend more every second. So I say this on manic Monday, feel the energy, feel the love, follow the unconditional peace. Find your destiny in your face on today, what ever itch you have scratch it. You may know this you may not but this world we live in is made up energies, good & bad but non the less energy is what we are all made of. I am here to give you an option the option is you, for once in your existence it is time to choose yourself. Follow your heart with your mind and your spirit will shine. Become one an ascend to levels never before seen on this plain of existence. To the reader I wish infinite unconditional peace & energy as well as much love & good vibes.


Self Education, Support, Unconditional love.

Educate yourself to who you are, for yourself & by yourself. Experience the world with your own eyes, gain support from your own mind & words as you give it. Show unconditional love to any & all you meet because of the understanding & knowledge you have from your experiences In the world. This is the only way we will grow together and claim our happiness in the world in which we live. The time is now for you to change only if you so choose. Either have your mind and decisions made for you or follow the energy that is begging to come out of you. Time speeds up, the end of this world is coming, what will be next, only you decide. Much love good vibes to you.


Doesn’t it feel good to be rich.

It feels good to rich doesn’t it? It feels good to have running water, electricity, a mother that loves me, & a girl to win back. It feels good not to be subject to killing other human beings just to live, It feels good to be free. If your are reading these words you are intelligent, you can comprehend. I’m here telling you if you are reading these words you are rich my friend. Oh you may have expenses you wish you didn’t but at least you don’t have to search miles a day for water to keep living. In fact you just go to the faucet and get some and you still complain about that when people in Africa, China, & Brazil have water that’s black. Speaking of BRAZIL! The World Cup will be there in a few weeks, I wonder what will happen to all that money that the poor people won’t see. Forget about the money they won’t even see the game only hear about results from crowds chanting names. As for us in the US we’ll be watching Lebron as he fights for a place on the sports Parthenon. Whatever you do after this please know that you will die if your life doesn’t grow. Time speeds up Einstein said so, but you will never know if your moving slow. I don’t say speed up but go at your pace, go as fast as you can win your race, be extravagant live large and in charge but now you have better than a lot by large so next time you wish your live was over just think about that 8 year old that has to be a solider. Make change be love spread energy abundant, much love good vibes peace eternal.


With your vote I could play warped tour!

This year I have a chance to take the message of Your Own Understanding to the warped tour stage and spread much love & good vibes to thousands at one time. With your vote this chance possibility can happen, all I ask is the you click on the link listen to my music and give me a vote. Help me reach my goal of helping all I meet become self educated, gain and give support, & feel & spread unconditional love. Peace unconditional to you.



Living in contradiction

You cannot have one thing without the other. You cannot have happy without sad, good without bad, success without failure. We all will experience true love & inevitably true heartbreak. It is predestined for us all to experience life what is not set in stone is when that experience will happen. For some it will happen during youth for others during old age but no matter when it happens you cannot deny that we are all born to live & die. Now we do not chose when we are born or when we die, but we do chose how we live. Whether you know it or not every day you chose and shape your future & destiny with every choice you make and everything you do. Although you still will not escape the predestination of life and all of its splendor or terror. So now that you know you will have high and lows you must fight to make things right.