Do You Be Happy

There is only one you. Yes there are people who are very similar to you in many ways but there is still only one you. In the world of nearly 7 billion people you are the only one who will every walk in your shoes. You are unique, special, important as we all are. We all 7 billion of us have talents, & gifts to give the world, The time is now to realize that.

I cannot tell you what your talent is or what gifts are, only you can do that. These intangibles I speak are invisible only know to those that followed the feelings, emotions, & situation to gain them. Just because something is unexplainable doesn’t meant it’s not real. Just because you can’t measure it doesn’t make it fake. In this time we live in you must teach yourself to follow your heart with your mind, through education, with the proper support anything is possible. Unconditional love for all is a real goal if you find your own understanding & do what you feel to be happy. Much love good vibes friends.


Vote for me to play at The Hard Rock Cafe In Seattle

Hey there it’s been a while since my last post but shortly after the movie deal was made I was entered into a contest with the chance to perform at the Hard Rock Cafe in Seattle voting stared February 3rd and has been going for 3 days and I am up to 13 votes putting 46 out of the lead spot. So I ask of you could please Click the link below and give a vote so I can be one step closer to performing at The Hard Rock. vote for King RoD to play at The Hard Rock