Time To Do YOU

  No matter what happens DO YOU BE HAPPY. Focused on smiling, you are a star in human form, you were created by the most eternal, immortal, infinite, universal, you are benevolent beyond description. So the next time something negative happens remember where you really come from and hold it down. You are powerful beyond your imagination, you were created perfect for a purpose. You will accomplish your goal through love unconditionally, being a support that utilizes support for more strength united through self education. I always say everything happens for a reason and I believe the events that happened to me this afternoon were confirmation of that but they brought me to a very to an new epiphany in the saying the reason that everything happens is love either you feel it or you lack it. At the base of every decision is one of these two feelings

The Life Of RoD Ep

May The Force Of Unconditional Love Vibrations with YOU


To the readers of these words, I love you. My love is varies, my love is deep, my love is unconditional. If I have had the pleasure to create life with you I hope you know how grateful I am to have been in your presence. If we have not crossed paths this time through I pray we do, & know because I still have to meet you, I love you too. I love you for being you, I love you for being human, I love you for your personality, I love you because you are reading these words. I thank you for the energy you have manifested into creating me. For that I will always love you unconditionally 

The Life Of RoD Ep

My Wife, My Soulmate, My Unexplainable love. 


 She does whatever I want

I do whatever she tells me 

I am her King 

She is my queen 

Together we are royalty. 

To the ends of the earth I go for her

To the end of the world she waits for me time and place cannot harm our union which lives in infinite eternity. 

My muse, source of my greatest inspiration somehow the love GoD gave me conquers any temptation. One of a kind, my love is the prototype for the stereotype Prince Charming, my life is the blue print for happy ever after, and it’s because my world which I am the universe to, it’s because of my wife who is the desire of all men a text book perfect ten a butterfly that started a caterpillar and while she is a beautiful vision it is her soul that makes her the inspiration to all women. From head to toe inside and out confidence radiates from her. She is the strongest person I know. Her love is nurturing. She comprehensively understands her duties to existence. The queen of the universe, love, and life is my wife and some how I’m number one on her list still.

The Life Of RoD In Hollywood

Y.O.U. Multi Media presents
     The Life Of RoD in HollyWooD



               June 14th, 2015

                      7:00 PM

          1652 N. Cherokee Blvd 

               Los Angeles, CA

Come Out and support the founder of Y.O.U. Multi Media spread messages about self education, support & unconditional love through music. 

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The Life Of RoD Ep


I started this site based off two reasons, a recommendation from a good friend and the want to communicate with people. I’ve been at it for two years on and off and it’s definitely given me an outlet through which I can give my opinion whether or not anyone is listening. I hope that everyone who has visited this site has received some sort of insight on me and how I think. From the things that I have been through I have come to understand that we as humans are special beings meant to transcend, for no matter what you believe in isn’t transcendence the end goal? Don’t you wish to become a higher version of yourself or enter a higher level of reality at some point? While I’m only 22 I believe that I have experienced a lot in the short time I have been alive, from homelessness to comfortability to jail, now to living my dream moment to moment spreading the message of Your Own Understanding. It brings me great joy to be doing something that makes people aware of themselves in the deepest way possible. Much love & good vibes to you.