Do you want to be happy?

Are you ready to be happy? Do you want a better life? Are you done settling for less? Follow me to Your Own Understanding, the time is now to do what you FEEL to become happy! Stay positive, progressive, and productive follow listen up and create Your new life!



Do you see the light through the clouds? The bigger picture? What is life about to you? Are you going down the path you would you like? What are you doing to change it? What are you waiting for to change. Life is Now life is Ÿ.Ø.Ū. Your Own Understanding. The most love and greatest vibrations to all reading this peace unconditional.





Still, stopped, dead. Patience is the art of one of these, persistence is the precursor to one, life comes before the last. I’m sorry for speaking in poems and riddles but that is the only way I can confess my emotions peacefully. I’m thankful for waiting while at the same time dreading it’s whole process. No matter, none the less we are in a realm variated by time affect by it as rocks are affected by salt Water daily strong once, now sand and through circle of life over again. I’m not saying we are in one big Re-run I’m saying we are in a cycle and you only get one chance at certain things every cycle think of planting or the seasons and how they with out disregard obey the laws of time having patience vibrating at the lowest frequency on this planet because of it. So while we vibrate 2 plains higher at 3 some say 3 at 4 we have the chance to consciously take in the change with open eyes, warm hearts & hungry minds. So with that said I’m off to do more waiting but with the knowledge I have obtained I have changed the game and put it into terms winnable for me. I won’t be stopped because I’m still, I will be persistent, I will not be dead because I’m not moving I will live. My life will no longer be defined by time but time defined by my life. Much love & good vibes friends hope your wait is great!

~King RoD